A cooperative preschool is a private, nonprofit entity run by the teachers in conjunction with its members, who are parents of the students.   


Co-op philosophy recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children and encourages parents to share their interests and talents in the classroom, and in the greater co-op community.

Today, cooperative preschools are enjoying a renaissance thanks to changing attitudes towards work and family, and to many parents’ desire to play a larger role in their child’s development and education. Families who seek out co-ops are committed to being actively involved in the life of the school.They have an active willingness to contribute to their child's school and education. Co-ops bring families with young children together around the issues of education, parenting, community, and care. Co-op parents have the willingness and ability to be a significant part of their child’s school and education. Cooperative preschools are not for every family.

For a cooperative preschool to be successful, each family has to be committed to creating an enriching and safe learning environment for their child.

This direct parental involvement makes the cooperative a unique educational opportunity. The children grow in mind, body, and spirit as teachers and other parents nurture them with acceptance and kindness.





  • Families get stronger as Moms and Dads develop their parenting skills and increase their awareness of their children’s development and needs.

  • A co-op is a network of friends with many of the same interests and concerns, who can accompany each other through the good and the challenging times in parenting.

  • It’s exciting and enlightening to observe one’s child interact with peers and other adults in a group setting.

  • Parents have an opportunity to contribute their talents and perhaps discover new ones.

  • Parents have involvement in all aspects of their child’s education and a voice in school decisions and policymaking.

  • Communication with teachers is more frequent and more effective.



  • School is special when a parent is there to share it.


  • Children develop a more positive attitude toward school.​​​​

  • Children see the value their parents place on education.

  • School is more easily extended beyond the classroom, leading to a lifelong habit of learning.

  • Children develop a greater sense of pride and self-esteem from “showing off” their parents.

  • Children build relationships with familiar, loving adults who accept each child in a safe and nurturing environment.


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