Co-op members may serve on the board of directors or on a committee. They make budget decisions, hire staff, and set policies. Members also help out in day-to-day ways. Parents rotate certain daily responsibilities. For example, Parent Helpers assist in the classrooms and rotate the responsibility of bringing a daily snack. Co-op families also participate in work days and put time into a wide array of projects such as:

  • Admissions activities

  • Special events for fundraising

  • Community outreach

  • Other special projects


For parents, the time commitment can be significant but not burdensome. Parents report that they enjoy their work within the co-op because they make a meaningful contribution to their child’s education, form lasting friendships with other families and have the opportunity to learn new skills.


The strength and quality of a co-op is a reflection of what member families bring to it. The CCNS cooperative preschool strives for an ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse community that is united in its commitment to parent involvement in our children’s learning, growth, and development. What unites our members is the shared belief in the importance of the family-school partnership and in the idea that communities as well as families play a vital role in a child’s development. "Grammys", "Pops", "Ninas" etc are welcome to fill in as classroom working parents!

Specific member responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Attend an orientation with the teacher prior to the first day of school

  • Work in the classroom an average of 1 time per month and must:

  • Arrive by 8:30 am on scheduled working days with snack when assigned

  • Find a replacement to work on a scheduled working day should a conflict or illness arise, inform the teacher of all changes and update the master work schedule at the school

  • Participate in scheduled school cleanings and clean laundry when assigned

  • Attend 4-5 membership meetings

  • Hold and fulfill a position on the Board of Directors or a position on a Committee

  • Contribute a minimum of $50 worth of merchandise and $5 worth of baked goods for, and work a scheduled shift at the annual yard sale

  • Participate in and support all fundraising activities developed by the fundraising committee for the benefit of the preschool

  • Occasionally aid in the transportation of children and chaperone on field trips

  • Occasionally volunteer time, money, or in-kind donations when needed for class parties or times of need

  • Provide snacks and drinks for meetings/Open House when assigned

  • Maintain assigned committee notebook and update as necessary

  • Pay tuition and fees in a timely manner

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and kind to other members

  • Adhere to all CCNS policies

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