CCNS is a private cooperative preschool and a nonprofit entity run by the teachers and parents of the students. As a nonprofit, our small school survives on fundraising efforts and affordable tuition to keep our doors open. Please consider donating to our Fundraising Campaign to ensure our school thrives for years to come!


Like so many, CCNS is still recovering from the impacts of the global pandemic. With many alumni, family and friends asking to help, we have launched the CCNS Fundraising Campaign! 

We are committed to excellence in our instruction and community based learning to make sure that our students achieve personal and academic success. Our focus is placed on developing a connection between students and the communities in which they live. With limited resources the last year, we are asking for your help. Every dollar raised through our Campaign will directly benefit our children by giving them more opportunities to learn, grow and thrive in our community. Thank you in advance for your support! 

To donate by credit card, Venmo or Paypal, click the button below and a tax receipt will be emailed to you automatically. 



To donate by check, please write "CCNS Campaign" in the memo and mail to: Cumberland Community Nursery School, Attn: Fundraising, P.O Box 87, Cumberland, ME 04021. For a tax receipt, email





  • Families get stronger as Moms and Dads develop their parenting skills and increase their awareness of their children’s development and needs.

  • A co-op is a network of friends with many of the same interests and concerns, who can accompany each other through the good and the challenging times in parenting.

  • It’s exciting and enlightening to observe one’s child interact with peers and other adults in a group setting.

  • Parents have an opportunity to contribute their talents and perhaps discover new ones.

  • Parents have involvement in all aspects of their child’s education and a voice in school decisions and policymaking.

  • Communication with teachers is more frequent and more effective.



  • School is special when a parent is there to share it.


  • Children develop a more positive attitude toward school.


  • Children see the value their parents place on education.

  • School is more easily extended beyond the classroom, leading to a lifelong habit of learning.

  • Children develop a greater sense of pride and self-esteem from “showing off” their parents.

  • Children build relationships with familiar, loving adults who accept each child in a safe and nurturing environment.